As we are still at the start of our East Riding YFC competitions schedule, we will keep updating this results page with the winning clubs and individual competitors from all competitions…
Sports Day Results 2016

Volley ball (NA WEEKEND)
1st: Brandesburton YFC
2nd: Howden YFC
3rd: Skirlaugh YFC
4th: Beacon YFC
5th: = Market Weighton YFC
5th: = Patrington YFC
(NA Weekend: Brandesburton YFC)

1st: Howden YFC
2nd: Market Weighton YFC
3rd: Patrington YFC
4th: Beverley YFC
5th: Skirlaugh YFC
6th: Brandesburton YFC

Touch Rugby (NA WEEKEND)
1st: Patrington YFC
2nd: Howden YFC
3rd: Skirlaugh YFC
4th: Brandesburton YFC
(NA Weekend: Patrington YFC)

Ultimate Frisbee (NA WEEKEND)
1st: Brandesburton YFC
2nd: = Skirlaugh YFC
2nd: = Market Weighton YFC
2nd:= Howden YFC


1st: Brandesburton YFC
2nd: Skirlaugh YFC
3rd: Howden YFC
4th: Market Weighton YFC
5th: Patrington YFC
6th: Beacon YFC

1st: Howden
2nd: Brandesburton
3rd: Skirlaugh
4th: Market Weighton
5th: Patrington
6th: Beacon
7th: Beverley

Congratulations to all members & clubs taking part!