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East Riding YFC Public Speaking Day

Every year, East Riding YFC holds a county Public Speaking Competitions Day in which all clubs can enter various competitions, such as debating, public speaking, and ballroom dancing. The 2016 Public Speaking Day is being organised by the Crossgate Cluster, led by chairman Eleanor Arminson, and is set to be held at Pocklington School on Sunday 8th February 2016.

Address: Pocklington School, West Green, Pocklington, YO42 2NJ

Public Speaking is a well-kept secret within YFC as very few members of the public really understand the types of skills and development opportunities that it brings about which can go on to help our members later in life, both at school and careers.

Winners of some of the East Riding YFC Competitions go on to compete at Northern Area Weekend on 5th-6th March, in Cumbria.

2016 Classes

  1. Junior Reading (14 years & under) (NFYFC) This is a great introduction for young Juniors to Public Speaking with the added benefit of all the words being written down for them. The Juniors will have chance to practise the reading beforehand so they will be confident on Public Speaking Day. The extract to be read will be taken from the book “1984” – George Orwell     ISBN – 014118776x or 978-0141187761
  2. Junior Public Speaking (NFYFC) – A fantastic opportunity for Juniors to take their first steps in public speaking. This competition allows a team of 3 members to take on small roles which gives fantastic practise for Senior competitions.
  3. Just a Minute (NFYFC) – Based on the popular BBC Radio 4 show, Just a Minute is a very entertaining opportunity for members to have a go at improvising speaking while competing directly against members from other clubs. The aim is to speak for a minute without hesitating, deviating or repeating any words.  The Topics for discussion shall be chosen from the selected list which has been sent out to club officials.
  4. MACE Debating (NFYFC) – Senior Mace Debating is the opportunity to have a formal debate against another club on a topic given 3 weeks before the competition. This allows the teams to prepare topic material to debate the topic with, but they also have the chance to improvise on the day to take apart to opposition’s arguments. Please note, the Rules for Senior MACE Debating have changed slightly from the Debating competitions from two years ago, so make sure that all competitors read the rules thoroughly.
    Debating subjects for Public Speaking Day will be provided by the East Riding of Yorkshire FYFC twenty one days prior to the competition. The Motions for discussing have been pre-selected for each team, and have been sent to club officials.
  5. Brainstrust (County only) – The Brainstrust competition allows members to have a formal debate within their own team, and gives members good practice for future years of competing in Debating.
  6. Situations Vacant (NFYFC) – Situation Vacant gives the opportunity for a mock job interview, which gives competitors a chance to practise their CV and Cover Letter writing skills, as well as their interviewing skills. For young people in education, this is a fantastic way to learn what to expect when you apply for a job. Competitors must send their CV, Covering Letter and copy of their original job advertisement to County Office by Wednesday 27th January.
  7. Member of the year (17 and under) (NFYFC) – This competition gives members under the age of 18 to showcase what they have achieved in YFC over the past year. CV and Personal Statement must be sent to County Office by Wednesday 27th January.
  8. Member of the year (18 and over) (NFYFC) – The objective of the competition is to select a member who has shown that they are involved in all aspects of the YFC Movement. Synopsis Form (attached to NFYFC Rules) must be sent to County Office by Wednesday 27th January.
  9. Musician of the Year (County only) – This new competition allows members who are talented singers or instrumentalists the chance to perform and showcase their talents.
  10. Junior Quiz – A simplified version of the Inter Club Quiz with teams of six, instead of eight. This competition gives juniors a chance to understand the workings of the Inter Club Quiz format and a chance to show off their intelligence.
  11. Senior Quiz – Final
  12. Ballroom Dancing (NFYFC) – The Ballroom Dancing competition allows members to have a go at learning to do Ballroom Dancing, or a chance to showcase their talents if they can already dance.
  13. Choir (NFYFC) – This club competition allows lots of members to get involved in the competition and offers the club an opportunity to showcase their singing talents.

Public Speaking Day 2016

If you need a helping hand…

CHIEF STEWARD: Miss Eleanor Arminson-Wood

(East Riding YFC Crossgate Cluster Chairman)


VICE-CHIEF STEWARDS: Mr Andrew Smith and Miss Annabel Prescott

(East Riding YFC Crossgate Cluster Vice-Chairmen)